Good manners…

I have noticed that the Middle-Earth is getting a bit crowded these days with the F2P added to the game. Seems to me like there is a lot of ‘nintendoplayers’ out there that has moved to Lotro, and still think that they can act like brats in the company of others.

There are several examples of this. One of the things people like to do, is to have a nice talk around the fireplace in Prancing Ponys common room, and maybe sharing of a tune or two to expand our horizon and learn new tunes. Then, when we are in the middle of a tune, some fellow steps into the middle and starts playing on his lute, not thinking about asking or having any concern about ruining a tune or a good roleplay session for the rest of us. If you want to play, roleplay it and it will be more fun for both you and us.
Noobs that just ignore all signs of ‘lack of common sense and good manners’ should keep on an hack’n’slash server, and not a roleplaying one, that Laurelin is tagged as. *sigh*

If you are unsure of how to roleplay your charachter, then hang around Prancing and listen. You will quickly learn the basics.

Well, just needed to write off some frustration here. Feels much better now 🙂


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