Good manners – part 2

To continue on the previous post good manners, with a little ‘no manners at all..’ tale from last night at Prancing Pony.

I was in a conversation with a couple of fellow RP’ers in front of the fireplace in the common room in Prancing Pony. Nice people. The topic was, as it often is when I’m involved, music and new tunes from near and far away. We where in the middle of playing a couple of tunes each to learn it in RP mode… ( or ‘hey, that was a nice one, whats it called and where can i find it?’ fishing through roleplay 🙂 ). Then, suddenly, a couple of major brats wandered into the middle of the group (we where like 5-6 people) and started playing a tune not
bothering to ask or even a little hint of roleplay before they started.
I was in the middle of a song about the golden forest, or Lothlorien as it is also called, and me and the people listening got a bit ‘what the…’ .

We decided to move to one of the back rooms to continue our little conversation there, but less than one minute later, they had followed and started playing again, and they where growing in numbers.
We tried to talk to them, giving hints that this was not fun at all, but with no replies. We tried to move again, but they followed and now they where like 5-6 people, all from the same kindship.

It was then I realised that /ignore add “playername” is a brilliant command.

Well, as I said in my previous post, that I was afraid that there would be a bunch of nintendo players joining the server, seems to be true,
and a lot of those seems to be around 10 year olds, not yet dry behind the ears and with no sense of common behaviour. (Parents of these kids should be ashamed)

So, I guess there is a about-zero chance that a GM reads this, but what about the tag on the server naming it a Roleplaying server? Is that tag not valid anymore? Does the GM have any kind of authorisation to be able to step in and give a warning to the players or in extreme cases, dismiss the kindship or kick people out of the server (a time-limited ban or something?)

I fear that this is just getting worse as more and more of the youngsters join the game and that will surely make it less tempting to continune to pay to play this game, where roleplaying is supposed to be a big part of the gameplay on this server.

Well, I cross my fingers and hope.


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