Tools of the trade – 1

I have recently found this little gem of a plugin for the Lotro interface.

It is called ‘Songbook‘ and it is written by a chap called Chiran.

For a Minstrel, this is pure gold.

This little plugin gives you a total overview of all your songs, and it has a point and click interface that makes you able to change tune in a heartbeat. It also have an interface for group-play. This means that you dont have to type “/play alongtune-withnovoice-forlute-and-notbagpipesonataformajorC sync” anymore, just click the tune and press ‘play’. But that is not even the best part of it…

With this little tool, you can categorize all your songs in folders below the ‘Music’ folder, and the program will build a neat database of it. That means you do not have to have a copy of all the songs on the root level of the ‘Music’ folder.

It is easy to install, and you load it in-game with the command “/plugins load sonbook”, and then you get a new ‘button’ with a note on it on the screen. The window is movable, resize-able etc.



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