A tune from Moria

Well, I have recently completed the quests I needed in order to enter the next area, and bought the add-on ‘Mines of Moria’ for my account.

I have spent the last three-four days in the Dolven View area, trying to get my head into the logic of the layout.

Thats why you all have not seen me around the Prancing Pony in a while.

Moria is huge (no understatement). Like a good friend of mine said, its the size of all the others areas combined. And what is worse, it is total frustrating! There is no straight line from A towards B. For those of you that have tried to make sense of ‘Goblin Town’ north of Rivendell, that place is a ‘walk in the park’ compared to Moria. To get about 100 meters ahead of you, you need to go 200 meters to the left, up one ledger, then cross south-east towards a mine, and then double-cross back through another staircase nightmare to get to the place you wanted to go… if you are lucky.

Not sure if I hate the place yet, though.

You got a lot of drops in there, and I got my legendary weapons up and running and grinding to level it up and to get reputation items to boost my reputation with the Iron Worker Miners society. ( need Kindred standing to be able to buy a goat. Horses are not allowed inside the mines).

So, thats the status as we almost write march 2011, and I will try to spend some time in Bree too, but I got a little ‘leveling-spirit’ going on at the moment, so it will be when I have the time, or need to refill my food supplies

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