A tune to remember…

So, the ones of you that have been around Prancing Pony the last month(s) have probably heard me play a tune or two, either by myself or with a couple other fellows. I have learned how to create those .abc files and are having a blast creating pieces for solo play up to 6 mans orchestra. I try to stay ‘in spirit’ to the game, but I must admit i have stepped outside ‘once or twice’.

I’m getting generally good feedback on my tunes (my thoughts are that people will cheer for anything thats not ‘concerning hobbits’ or ‘the bards song’) and even ‘signed’ a couple of gigs in the time to come.

There is a couple of weddings this fall, and first out is a ball created by ‘Fyxe’ at the 26th of july, thats going to be amazing. As far as I know, she has signed ‘The Shadows’ and ‘Pied Pipers’ and I’m quite honored to be asked to play in such company.

To this party, I’m trying to put together a band for the tunes I got, and right now it seems like i’m able to put a 5 man band together (thats the majority of the multi-parts songs are written for too).
Hopefully I will have a group photo of us later on.

There will be a lot of brand new tunes at the Fyxe party, and most of them are folk-dance-tunes I guess.
(We have not jet discussed the set-list for the gig).

Stay tuned for more info when the time comes.

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