The Chosen Few

As you all might have noticed, i am a bit ‘manic’ when it comes to music lotro style. I started out as a ‘download-every-abc-file-I-could-find’ type of bard (I actually liked the ‘concerning hobbit’ tune once…), then I learned how to make the abc files myself and have not looked back to the downloaded files since. (I still got the downloaded files if anyone wants them in a neat zip file).

Then a couple of months ago, I started playing with Trotgard, Chadwick and Uswin (from the kins ‘No Strings Attached’ and ‘Adventurers of Arda’) and we decided after a while to get a band going, and the name of that constellation became ‘The Chosen Few’.

We all create tunes for the band and, as far as I can tell, we got something like 4-500 tunes (divided among 3-6 part-tunes) ready to play, and the numbers of tunes grows almost daily

Check out our page on the site.

Anything ya would like to know about ‘The Chosen Few’, please leave a note below.

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