Archet Aid !

Banner for Archet Aid
Greetings all lovers of music and friends of the poor farmers of Archet!

At the 7th of november, 2011, we in The Chosen Few are proud to announce the solidarity concert for the farmers of Archet.

Some time ago, the Archet community was hit by a big fire that swept away their Inn and some lesser important buildings. In solidarity with the farmers of the area, we have gathered some of the finest musicians in the middle earth for a big outdoor solidarity concert in whats left of the marked square in Archet town.

So please put on your best dress or robe, shine your dancing shoes (hobbits excused) and come and show your support and join in on the rp in and around Archet this evening.

The start time for the event is 20.00pm (gmt) and the bands will play in a unknown queue, so to get your favorite band, its best to be there early 🙂

The conferencier for the evening is Miss Cymaru from the Butterburs Staff, and the bands are, after Hobbit Heart had to cancel their appearance, the Shades / The Songburrow Strollers / The Pied Pipers / The Chosen Few.

…did i mention that it will be fireworks? 🙂

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