Archet Aid – A week later…

Greetings all!

The Archet Aid is ‘history’ and it was a grand success! Very nice music and dancing from ya all, so I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Looking forward to the next one (probably in a years time).

Grymrock Grey
– The Chosen Few

Lady Duissane have made an excellent slideshow with pics from the event, and you can watch it here!
Lady Duissane’s pictures from Archet Aid

Miss Lina Willowwood have some lovely pics on her site too, together with the Rose of Bree tune (the Songburrow Strollers song for Archet Aid).
Miss Willowwood’s site

Pied Pipers

Hobbit Heart

Songburrow Strollers

The Shades

A few weeks later…
Now, a couple of weeks later and things have settled down somewhat, we still feel the after-effects of the Archet Aid event. Only a day ago some fellow I have never seen before came over to congratulate on the event. Things like that makes it all worth it, when ya feel that the contribution you make to the rp society is something other people can add to their own rp and use it to enhance their own experience of the game.

I know i have been thanking a lot of people in other forums and in-game, but I would like to put up a ‘thank you’ on this site too.

To all the bands that attended the event (and all those playing music that did not get the chance to join up) thank you for giving this community a ‘boost’ with your excellent music.

To Miss Cymaru, from the Butterburs Staff, who took on the role as Conferencier for our little gathering of musical souls, and performed it very well. Tank you very much.

To the people helping with the fireworks at the end, a bit chaotic at that time, so not quite sure who ya where, thank you very much. Have got a few comments about ‘splendid display of colors’ and things like that in the time after the event.

The people that came to listen and to dance to the tunes this monday afternoon. We where a bit afraid that the time schedule was a bit to long, but a lot of people stayed until the end (about 3 hours straight with music and dance!!) and we’re very thankful for that.

A big cheer for ya all.

Where to go from here?
Some of the comments lately both ingame and on forums etc, is asking for more events like the ‘Archet Aid’. Creating this little gathering took some time, but with the positive response we have got from the community afterwards, we will most definitely run it again next year.

We are also working on something else…. 🙂

Later all
Grymrock Grey


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