New year, new possibilities…

Greetings all!

Its a new year for me in the world of Middle-Earth, and it has started of pretty good. You all know I am a member of the band ‘The Chosen Few’ who is pretty well known on Laurelin i dare to say. We have a little downtime though, caused by that some of the members are on a ‘vacation’ in a place ‘far far away’.

This has resulted in the making of a second band that at present time does not have a name (yet). The Chosen Few is a 6 man band, where the new one is a quartet made up by ‘Amorey (Shire Rose)’, ‘Norgi’ (Durins Folk), ‘Tallic’ and myself. We are aiming for the fast, fun stuff to play where ya can dance your head off if ya like. True, we got a couple of slow tunes too, but we have decided to let other bands like ‘Strollers’ and ‘the Shades’ have that marked for themselves, and to concentrate more on the upbeat tunes instead. We have already an event in the planning, so stay tuned….

Another little thingie thats new, is that I have joined Twitter, and can be found there at @Grymrock, and #Laurelin / #Lotro. Will post a tweet when something is happening (or when I am just bored..).

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