The Birthday gig

Last night was a good one when it comes to ‘The Chosen Few’.
After some months with almost no rehearsals by us, we performed on a birthday gig, over in the Bree Homestead, that was packed with people from 3-4 kinships. Fantastic experience for us, and a big ‘Thank you!’ goes out to the birthday gentle-dwarf himself, Master Rollie, to Lady Joylil that hired us for the gig, and everyone else that was there dancing to our tunes.

If anyone have pictures of the gig I would really apriciate if ya sent one or two good shots to me at and I will ofcourse put your name up with the picture on this blog. (please state what name ya want to have printed).

We are open for other gigs this spring, so if ya got a good event going and need that last ‘touch’ to make it a grand evening, give us a line in-game and we will see what we can help ya with.

Best reards
Grymrock Grey.

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