Anniversary Concert in Bree!

Yes, dear friends. The Chosen Few are holding a concert in Bree on Sunday, 29th of April!

We thought that a grand happening like the 5 year anniversary of the Lotro game could not perish without some happy tunes from us, so this first coming sunday, we are holding a concert down by the Boar fountain in Bree (there is a small stage in a corner there) and we encourage everyone to come along and have a beer and some merry dancing in celebration of this festival and the game in general.

Our poster that have been nailed up around the city (like on the official forums and the laurelinarchives) reads as follows:

Greetings all Ladies and Gentle…errr..persons!

‘The Chosen Few’ are glad to invite you all to an Anniversary concert!

Place: The stage by the Boar Fountain, Bree
Date: Sunday, 29th of April.
Time: 01.00pm servertime / 19.00pm UK Time

Be sure to bring your dancing shoes and take a break from all those festival activities to grab a beer and have a jolly good time with your friends! (Remember to bring the beer…)

We might even have a little musical surprise…

On behalf of ‘The Chosen Few’
Grymrock Grey.

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