The last preparations… (Weatherstock IV)

So, our last rehearsal gig was done last night in the Pony before our big gig at #Landroval tomorrow night. This is the pre-concert each band have to do before the actual #Weatherstock festival event, to give the audience a piece of the bands musical properties and to promote the Weatherstock event thats being held at the 16th of June.

We did a rehearsal / concert thingie where we played through some newly added tunes and adjusted our setlist for the gig, and we got a fairly big crowd in a matter of minutes (Thank you all for that).

We are hoping that as many as possible uses this opportunity to make themself a low lvl char on the Landroval server to come and cheer us on, and also to be a part of the Weatherstock festival (there will be armed guards for the travel from Forsaken Inn to the Weathertop itself on the event day).

On behalf of The Chosen Few
Grymrock Grey

The poster for tomorrows gig:

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