Pre-Concert Weatherstock, Landroval

It has been some days since we played our pre-concert at the #Landroval server (last friday) and thank you to ya all that made it a very enjoyable evening for us in the Chosen Few.

Our thanks have been given in the official forums and we are now working towards the #Weatherstock Event itself. We might have a little problem in the choice of what to play though, cause to little time and way to much tunes to choose from.
We are really looking forward to this event, and we hope that a lot of people on #Laurelin would do the small amount of work it requires to make a char on Landroval to join in on the fun at the festival. *crosses fingers* We are three bands from Laurelin that is competing over there ya know…


One of the tunes we did at the preconcert. The Song of Durin with lyrics majestically performed by Master Norgi. (Master Norgili on Landroval).

And if ya want to look at some pics from the show, take a look at this amazing collection made by Floradine of Landroval.
Floradine’s Flickr stream.

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