Almost there….

It is almost time…
…time for Weatherstock 2012!

I must admit one is a bit nervous of the concept of performing in front of the biggest crowd in Lotro history. Thoughts like ‘are our tunes good enough?‘, ‘is the lag gonna kill our tunes‘, ‘what the heck have we gotten ourselves into…‘ turns slowly around inside of my head these days..
Then a memory of the pre-concert on Landroval comes and I am smiling again.

This is the event we have been looking forward to for some months now, and we, The Chosen Few,think we have selected the right tunes for ya all to dance your socks off (hobbits excused ofcourse) to.
I am also looking forward to hear the other bands play their tunes, bands that some are old familiars and some are totally unknown to me.
Will be a blast!

This is a raw cut’n’paste from the official forums to get the schedule easy accessible for ya that reads my ramblings here


Weatherstock IV Schedule

Note: All times given are Landroval servertime which is EDT timezone. You can use the /servertime command on Landroval to see what’s the time on the server and calculate the time difference to your local time.

Weatherstock opening:

We gather at about 15:00 at the Forsaken Inn and start a procession to Weathertop at 15:30. Opening ceremonies begin at 16:00

Weatherstock Music competition:

The event is one large competition with 10 bands attending.
Every band has a timeslot of 20 minutes for their gig.
The first band in the competition will start to play at 16:20

There are three different prizes/categories in the competition:

1. A Light In The Dark prize
Visitors can get hope tokens from our vendor team members.
Every visitor will get three tokens so you have three votes all in all. After each gig our host Harperella will ask the audience to pop a token if they liked the band and want it to win the Light In The Dark prize. The votes are counted by our specialized team.

2. Battle Of The Bands
The nine remaining bands spread out on the outer ring of the venue
and have 20 minutes playtime in which the audience can vote for the winner of this “battle” by standing with “their” band.

Note: The winner of the Light In The Dark prize is allowed to play in the middle of the venue but is out of this competition.

3. Lonely Mountain Cup
This prize is given by The Lonely Mountain Band kinship.

Closing Ceremonies:

After the competition our host will award the prizes to the winning bands.

A big thank you to the Lonely Mountain Band for making this event!
Brilliant work!

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