The day have come….

…and it is only a bit over 3 hours until the #Weatherstock 2012 event takes place. *shivers a bit* Can not say one is not a tiny bit nervous… but The Chosen Few is ready, or so I hope, so be sure to bring your dancing shoes and get ready to move those legs.

For those of ya that do not have characters on the #Landroval server but would very much like to follow the event, the great fellows Merric and Goldenstar ,of A Casual Stroll to Mordor (CSTM), are going to cover it with a live feed radio show at this address:
Middle Earth Network Radio

There is also a chatroom for those of ya that can not see it live to discuss the event, chat and have a merry time. CSTM Livechat

Now I must go and shine my boots, so see ya on Weathertop for the 2012 Weaterstock festival!

– Grym.


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