Weatherstock is over for this year..

We in The Chosen Few (from #Laurelin) would very much like to thank The Lonely Mountain Band for the event, and we hope to be invited back to play next year. A big thank you also goes to Miss Anthemisi for her splendid help before and during the event, and to miss Floradine that handled the stage with a firm hand.

It was the first Weatherstock for us so preparing to play at #Landroval took some time, but it was worth it. We are sorry that all of our members could not attend the show (summmer holiday and stuff like that), so we also give a big thank you to Master Kantstein and Master Gravstein for stepping in an giving us a helping hand during the concert. Some of the best hired musicians I’ve ever met.

A big congratulations to the winners of this years #Weatherstock, well earned and deserved.

And finally a very big thank you for the people from ‘A Casual Stroll to Mordor’ (#CSTM) that ran the network radio from the event. Splendid work! It made the event even more alive and cool to be a part of. *tips his tophat*


This is the setlist we played at this years Weatherstock

2 responses to “Weatherstock is over for this year..

  1. Thank you for your kind words, Master Grymrock! It’s a pleasure to host one of the greatest bands of Laurelin! I’m looking forward to next year. *rasies mug to Chosen Few members*

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