Been a while…

Hi folks!
It has been a while since I was ‘properly’ on-line on #Laurelin (#lotro), and there is several reasons for that. One is that summer finally hit Oslo (a month overdue) and therefore I try to spend the evenings outside rather than inside  of a computer. Another thing is that I’m testing a new game ya probably have heard of, called ‘The Secret World’ (yes, I go  by the name of Grymrock there too ) that seems promising. (No, that does not mean I am quitting Lotro *smiles*)

Working these days on reforming The Chosen Few and have a bunch of new tunes for it ready for your ears, and the event ‘Archet Aid’ have started tumbling around in my head too, with some new ideas and concepts that need to be discussed and brainstormed around.

So, Grym is not dead/gone/retired but merely a bit  absent-minded these days (to hot outside to think ) and he will be back quite soon I believe. If ya want to chat or need any way to get in touch with me, the easiest way to do that is by  using my emailadress: grymrock(at) Reading that one almost daily.


C’ya ingame
Grymrock Grey


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