Archet Aid – preparations in progress

So, these days the planning for the ‘Archet Aid – 2012’ are in the making, and already now one can see that this will be a big and very good event. We have already 5-6 bands signed up for the concert, and we also got some more stuff than last year for you people t o enjoy. Can not say so much about those, but I think ya will be a bit surprised 🙂

It is not to late to pour out your ideas about stuff to add to the event so if ya got a creative mind, please send me an email at grymrock(at)

The event will most likely be held in the start of november where the actual date will be announced on both the official forums, the Archet Aid site or here on this blog, so stay tuned and join in on a fun evening with lots of music and a hopefully nice atmosphere.

Grymrock Grey.


#Laurelin #Lotro #ArchetAid


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