It is almost time… for Archet Aid !

Only four days to go and the ‘Archet Aid 2012’ event will be running for the second year in a row. It has been a little while since I posted on this site, and that is caused by some issues in RL and ‘a few hours’ trying to make everything fit together for the event itself

—> Archet Aid Website <—

Now, four days before the event there is just some minor adjustments to make and it should be all set. So we changed the date, the bands and the name…
just kidding 🙂

We hope the people of middle earth will have a splendid time, and hope as many as possible will add their touch of RP to the event by enjoying themselves, the weather, new interesting people to meet and greet, the market with its many merchants and good deals to make.

The Open stage is also new this year, and is thought of as a place where you yourself can perform a tune, poem, joke, riddle or even a short short-story for everyones amusement and entertainment. Have you always dreamed of being a star? Here is your chance! (maybe you will even be noticed by someone that need a dual-horn-playing elf/dwarf/hobbit/man for their up and coming band? who knows…stranger things have happened.)

So, we are happy to welcome you to this event, this first coming saturday at 2pm servertime (18pm UK/GMT time) and hope ya have a splendid time with us.

On behalf of The Chosen Few, and everyone else participating in creating this event
– Grymrock Grey

#Laurelin #Landroval #lotro #ArchetAid

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