Archet Aid – 2012

Greetings all!

‘Archet Aid – 2012’ became quite the success, and a big thank you goes out to everyone that was attending this event.
Picture by Babushka

Now, it is a year until next time,but do not hesitate to send us an email and tell us your thoughts and maybe a suggestion or two of things to add to the event next year.

This year, we got a bit to long concert we believe, and that is not due to the bands playing over the given time-slot, but rather some bad mathematic abilities by yours truly. I need to learn that one hour equals 60 minutes and not 100…. *Grymrock seems a bit embarrassed*
Well fix that for next year, by hiring a high level Scholar or something.

Hope ya all had a good time with us, and welcome back to ‘Archet Aid – 2013’!

Best regards
Grymrock Grey.

#Laurelin #lotro #turbine

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