A new year…

First of all, a happy new year to ya all !
Its a few days into the new year and just thought that I should write a little about whats done and whats coming this year.

Weatherstock and 2nd lineup of the Chosen Few
Last year (2012) was the first time that The Chosen Few entered the Weatherstock festival, something that was an awesome experience but that also was the end of the band in the original lineup. (a very long story, so no..not gonna write it down here). One had to turn around and gather some new people to join the ranks of the Chosen, and I think I made the right choices when you look at the band today. We are now 6-8 people depending on what/where we are gonna play, and we also got a few ‘hired in’ musicians if we need extra backup due to unseen circumstances.

Personally, Grymrock have almost made endgame level, but he is in no hurry to complete the last 20% of the level. No new expansions before autum at the earliest anyway, so a few of his ‘Alts’ have gotten some playtime instead. (If ya want to know their names for your friendlist, please ask me ingame).

Archet Aid
We (the chosen few) hosted Archet Aid for the second time and was pleased to see so many people turned up for the show. Guess we had a few organisatorial problems (and those are entirely mine) so we need to make a few adjustments for Archet Aid 2013. (like Grym has to learn that there is 60 minutes in an hour and not 100…. *smiles a bit ashamed*). We hope however that the people attending thought it was a good one, and that they will come back to the next one.

Other stuff
We have thought of a concert or two in addition to the Archet Aid, and if any of ya that read this has a good idea of a ‘joint effort’ we are easy to ask. Got ‘a few’ new tunes ya might say…

Well, the life in middle-earth goes on, with the occasional merry tune, couple of tons of pipeweed and good conversations around the Pony in Bree. If ya see me, please say hello and share your stories with me… I am a bard after all…

Best regards
Grymrock Grey.

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