Its getting warmer…

Greetings to ya all!

Just a little update from me now when the sun is finally getting rid of that ugly snow

Grymrock have been fairly quiet lately, due to a RL crisis, but he’s slowly coming back to the game with new tunes and stories for ya all.
These days most of the time goes into getting ‘The Chosen Chew’ up and ready to ‘fight’ (if we get admitted) at this years Weatherstock festival.
That means that we have spent some time on #Landroval to get the members high enough in levels (for instruments) and have started to look around for some suitable scene-clothes too.

On a side-note, Grymrock have also spent a little time on #Crickhollow too, to check out the musical scene there, like the ‘second breakfast band’ concert a couple of nights ago. Very well played I must say.


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