A quiet time in Lotro

Greetings all!

It has been a quiet time in #Lotro on #Laurelin recently for Grym. He is online now and then to craft a little food for his ‘friends’ (read: alts) and hanging out in Bree listening to the newcombers tryin to play music on their lutes. Have been making a few new tunes for ‘The Chosen Few’ and have started thinking of the set-list for this years Weatherstock (if we get accepted). Now we got the experience from last time, so we should know what works and what does not

My time (as the man behind Grym) have been used on a brand new alt, a guardian (first alt in this class for me), and he have now reached level 37 in about 2 days worth of playing. Not bad if I should say it myself *smile* Reason for this is the lack of ‘tanks’ in the kinship for raids and instances and stuff like that.

I know i haven not talked much about the kinship I am ‘second in command’ in, so i thought i should make an effort now

‘Order of the Divine Brew’
The knship is what ya would call a social kinship. We are not the ultimate bunch of ‘die hard’ rp’ers that lives by and for ‘the lore’, but more like a place to chat and get help while playin the game. We are a level 10 kinship,Bree located, founded in 2010 by a bunch of good RL friends that still are ‘alive’ ingame, and we are what ya might call an ‘oldie’ kinship.

By ‘oldie kinship’ we mean that the average age of our members are way above 30yo. We got members from around the mid-tventies to midth-sixties and common for ’em all is that they are mature, social players. This is why we have an ‘age limit’ of 25yo, and we are always looking for new members.

So, if ya are tired of beeing surrounded by kiddies and walking alone, just get hold of anyone from the kinship and they can point ya in the direction of an officer that can give ya an invite.

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