Reason for ‘living’…. almost gone from the middle-earth 😦

As most of ya, that happens to stumble upon my blog, knows… the Lotro music system is the key ingredience in keeping Grym ‘alive’ on the [En-RP]Laurelin server.
I usually was a ‘game-hopper’ earlier, like a game for a month or two, then moving on to the next one and so on… Grym have been playin Lotro since 2010, and I dare to say that the music system is the thing that keeps him there, and the marvolous music-rp society that he has seen grown ‘over all borders’ the last years. Kudos to all you people!

Then, an update or two ago, the music system have got a few bugs added to it. At first they could be lived with, and by checking everything a bit before each concert, one could play fairly safe to not either stop playin / sound only getting audible for a few people and stuff like that.

Then *drumroll* ..comes Update 11

I hear people talk about a new bug, but i say its more than a bug. Its broken.


The new bug silences all stringed instruments (together with the drum) in 99% of the areas of the Middle Earth. It seems to be randomly where it works and not, and myself I think this has something to do with layered areas (testet a bit, ya might say…)

I am playing in a fairly known ingame band, called ‘The Chosen Few’, and with this bug in play, there is no reason to even try to perform a concert. 90% of our tunes are stringbased danceable ‘farm-music’, and trust me, you dont want to go to a concert where the only voice ya can hear is the lead-voice played on a bagpipe… 🙂

So, whats happening now?
The musical community are trying to get the dev’s attention, but even after ‘some K’s of bugreports’ the issue has not yet been added to the ‘known’ issues on the official lotro forums. Twitter is flooding with desperate calls to the devs for information, blogs and similiar websites are filling up with posts about this and an entire community of mature players are biting nails and waiting for an official statement from Turbine about the issue.

Only thing thats missing now, is that The Elders Scroll Online, that comes ‘live’ later this year, will have a music system similiar to Lotro and then the community would be gone from Middle-Earth. If the music will a big part of the player database I’m afraid.

So if any Devs are reading this, please try to fix this unique system in Lotro.
I am sure if ya need volunteers to help ya bugtest it with you, you just need to ask and you will get tousands of replies.

From a slightly frustrated
Grymrock Grey.
– Bandleader ‘The Chosen Few’

#laurelin #lotro #weatherstock

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