The latest music bug…

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Some friends and myself on the Laurelin server have been investigating the latest music bug on basic on a theory we puzzled together here a day ago…

It seems like the Devs recently changed the music code within instances/raids etc so other people will not hear you play or even see your notes while playing.. I guess this was to reduce lag or something along those lines.

Then previous to the last update i believe there was some talk about  letting some more functions from the Rohan expansion ‘loose’ on the entire middle-earth (like the temp bag and mini-map monster locations already have been). It does not take much then, if the code for the instances either have some heritage to that part of the code, or are coded in as a subroutine, to be implemented into ‘the world’ and loosing its ‘must be in instance-mode to work’ -flag in the process.

We have done some testing, and while not beeing conclusive we found that all areas that have either a raid/instance/skirmish or festival connected to it, have the music bug, but areas that do not have anything connected to it, like southern-bree field and Stock (to mention some) has fully working music capability.

This is just a theory though and we have no access to the code, so we can not verify it 🙂

Well, hope a development manager from Turbine reads this, and maybe take a quick look at that code made for the instances to see if it has any relevance to the music bug. Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards
Grymrock Grey
– The Chosen Few

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