Weatherstock V – 2013

Then, it is that time again of the year, where the cream of music performers gather on top of the Weathertop (#Landroval) in the Lone-Lands to hold a concert for well over 500 people in the audience! This is the fifth year it is beeing hosted by ‘The Lonely Mountain Band’ and we all salute them for the effort! Excellent work!
Official poster

The ‘music bug’ was solved a week ago by the patch 11.1 released by Turbine, and we are all looking forward to Weatherstock this year.

The Chosen Few

We in ‘The Chosen Few’ are in the lineup again this year, and we are very happy that our friends in The Shades and Songburrow Strollers could make it too. This is going to be epic.

Bandposter 1

So, you got no time to waste. Make yourself a character on the Landroval server get him or her up to lvl 7-8 (finished introduction) and be ready to join in on the fun! (Did I mention that they sell ales and pies up there too?)

Edited 10 minutes later due to a comment:
“Floradine: One minor mistake, Grimrock. We don’t sell the stuff, it’s for FREE ! 😀
(Floradine is one of the organisators from The Lonely Mountain Band)

So, there ya have it. No reason at all to not come to Weatherstock V ! Ya can not beat 11 of the best bands from the middle-earth AND free beer and pies!

– Grym.

Weatherstock – 2012 video

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