A small update

Greetings to ya all!

It has been a while since i posted anything here, and real life is to blame for that. I lost my dad in january due to cancer, and things have been a bit rough lately with much to do at work, and the preparation of this years Archet Aid, so this blog have had the ‘backseat’ for a while.

Whats new?
So, what have been happening ingame lately? Well, the kin have grown a bit over the last months and we have got a bunch of some of the finest players in the Middle-Earth i believe. People have even changed kins to be a part of the Order. I am sorry for beeing a bit absent in the past, but after Archet Aid I will try to get ‘back in the ring’ 🙂

Archet Aid
We put up the poster for this years Archet Aid on tuesday, and our brand new site is up and running at www.archetaid.com, and we think we have a great event for ya this year 🙂 so take a look at the site and mark the 2nd of November in your calendar.

Best regards
Grymrock Grey


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