Archet Aid – November 7th 2011 !

Greetings all!

The Archet Aid is ‘history’ and it was a grand success! Very nice music and dancing from ya all, so I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Looking forward to the next one (probably in a years time).

Grymrock Grey
– The Chosen Few

Lady Duissane have made an excellent slideshow with pics from the event, and you can watch it here!
Lady Duissane’s pictures from Archet Aid

Miss Lina Willowwood have some lovely pics on her site too, together with the Rose of Bree tune (the Songburrow Strollers song for Archet Aid).
Miss Willowwood’s site

Pied Pipers

Hobbit Heart

Songburrow Strollers

The Shades

From the halls of Grey Mountain, I came

From the darkest caves of Grey Mountain, I came

From the deepest part of my soul, I play

A life of tunes and pieces of glory
for a handful of coins i will sing even your story

My fingers are strong and can play on forever
so please take a seat and lets listen together

For the tales are many of things never heard
so you might need a brew just to steady your nerves

so take a seat and tell me your wishes
I will play til my fingers are filled with blisters

Greeting to you all, and safe travels!

I woke up in the Middle-Earth a couple of months ago (it is november 2010 here now), and I have not regretted it since. I was known by a couple of other names in the beginning, but settled on Grymrock as my alter ego.

I plan on staying for a long time (got a vip account), and hope to share stories and pictures (maybe videos?) with you all as time passes in Middle-Earth. I love comments, and will try to answer as fast as I can.


PS! This front page is a static page. To find the blog-posts, please look in the menu at the right.

If you are looking for my music…no, they are not here, and they will not be here either. I do not create music files for the public. They are just for me, ‘the band’ and some in-game friends that I trust not to spread them around. I do not want them to end up as another ‘the bards song’ or a ‘concerning hobbits’ tune