Out of charachter

Hi all!

This is the blog for my main character ‘Grymrock Grey’ in the mmorpg LOTRO (Lord of the Rings Online) where I plan to add entries about nothing and everything in general.

I have been in Lotro for the last four years now, and I guess most of the people that RP on the Laurelin server, know my little dwarf by now. He is, when i write this, second in command in the kinship ‘Order of the Divine Brew’ (oldie kin) and the bandleader for the ingame band ‘The Chosen Few’ (known from Weatherstock, Archet Aid and Winterstock to mention some of the venues they have attended). I enjoy the social aspects of the game, and the music system is a ‘gem’ in my eyes. I have no clue how many hours I’ve spent fixing/trixing/creating abc files for the band to play ingame, but we got enough now for 10 hours continously play or something 🙂

I got ‘a few’ alts too on Laurelin, and if ya see a dwarf with a tophat on any other server that has the name of Grymrock, the chances are very high that its me. Think I’ve registered on 10-15 servers or something (around lvl 25 on those).

If ya want to get in contact with me, either send an ingame mail, or an email to grymrock@gmail.com og comment on this site.

– Grym.

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