The Chosen Yule

Greetings all fellow inhabitants of the Middle-Earth.
This is a little Yule present from us in the Chosen Few to you to hopefully give you that special Yule spirit while you are doing those Frostbluff quests.:-)

This is some of the tunes we have on our setlist for the whole of
December, so if ya see us perform, we can play you any of the tunes below, just ask 🙂

Happy Yule!
The Chosen Few

The above was written a year ago, and for the next Yule festival a year later, we desided to spread the Yule feeling even further, so we shared every Yule tune we got to ya all through the website.

If you want the collection to play together with others in the spirit of Yule, follow this link to find a download link for the zip file.

The Chosen Yule at

– Grym

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